Rates of this “silent” disease are increasing…

If you are an adult living in America chances are good you are or soon will be hosting a sneaky, silent disease that lies dormant, but can eventually rear its ugly head and leave you flat on your back (or on the operating table). I’m talking about diverticulitis. Here’s what you need to know about […]

How to NOT gain weight on vacation

Before I get into today’s blog I am pleased to announce that I am working on my next book, “Want to lose weight? Stop dieting!”  I will pass along more details as the time gets closer to publication. And speaking of weight that is the subject of today’s email! How to NOT gain weight on […]

8 Common Causes of Poor Digestion

According to Johns Hopkins Health, about 70 million people in the US suffer from some type of digestive problem. That’s about one out of every five of us! Digestive medications continue to be among the top-selling prescription drugs too.  Nexium sales were a whopping $3.7 billion in 2014. So why are we so gassy, blocked […]

Smart tips to prevent food-borne illness

Summer is upon is and backyard parties, barbecues, and picnics are in full swing. Unfortunately, so are foodborne illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), each year about 1 in 6 Americans gets hit with a foodborne illness like E. coli, campylobacter or salmonella. Foodborne illnesses are responsible for at least […]

Is this the WORST allergy season on record?

The spring allergy season is upon us, and unfortunately, each year seems to be outdoing the prior one in terms of severity. We can thank our milder winters and the presence of El Niño for that. According to Dr. Clifford Bassett, founder and medical director of Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, as a […]

Probiotics vs. Digestive Enzymes – Do you need both?

Currently, about 100 million Americans suffer from some type of digestive problem. For many, GI problems can be annoying and uncomfortable.  For others, they dramatically impact their lifestyle and cause frequent absences from work or school. And still for others, their conditions may be downright debilitating. But there’s one common emotion among ALL digestive misery […]

The Greatest Medicine of All

What would you consider to be the greatest medicine of all? Antibiotics?  They’ve saved lives, but they have also destroyed our guts and spurred the development of “Superbugs” that resist our strongest antibiotics and pose a threat to your life. Antidepressants (SSRIs)?  Sure, they’ve forced serotonin to hang around in people’s brains to create artificial […]