6 Common Excuses for a Bad Diet

I love the reactions I get when people tell me about their health challenges and the first question I ask them is, “How’s your diet?” I usually get the deer-in-the-headlights look, or they blush or just look down at the floor. That good, huh? Now, most people do realize at least to some degree that […]

6 “Health” foods that aren’t healthy

No matter where I go, if people find out that I’m in the nutrition field, they suddenly flock to me to tell me about their dietary challenges or ask me food questions. A Jet Blue employee at my local airport still remembers a conversation we had over 2 years ago as she was checking me […]

Food labels: Don’t be fooled by the tricks!

When someone is faced with trying to understand something that is next-to-impossible for them to figure out, they might use the old expression, “It’s Greek to me!” Well, I hate to say it but the labels on the vast majority of packaged foods on our store shelves may as well be written in Greek (or […]