7 Steps to better sleep

It’s an interesting phenomenon that two of the most common complaints that people report to their doctors are excessive sleepiness and too little sleep! One can fuel the other and cause a vicious poor sleep cycle. Now, we all occasionally have a night where we’re staring at the ceiling, but usually, by the next night we have an opportunity to […]

How to have a great smile… Plus 5 fun tooth facts!

You may recall there was a commercial in the 1970s for Ultra Brite toothpaste featuring the beautiful late actress Farrah Fawcett flashing her pearly whites at the camera. Of course, the makers of Ultra Brite wanted you to buy their toothpaste, thinking you’d have a gorgeous smile like Farrah. But there’s a lot more to […]

6 Easy Steps to a Sharp Immune System

Most people know their immune system protects them against colds, flu, and bugs, but that’s just the beginning! Your immune system is an incredibly intelligent network of cells, tissues, fluids and glands that is on patrol 24 hours a day and is the primary reason behind whether you are reading this email, or did not […]