Is this better than statins for cholesterol?

  As you can probably surmise, I’m constantly reviewing studies and news in the health world to keep up on the latest developments and learn news ways to help people. Sometimes I get blown away by a study or an article and I can’t wait to pass that great information on to you! Well, this […]

The studies are proving it – Statins are useless!

All I can say is, it’s about time! I’ve been long beating the drum about the fact that the benefits of statin treatment have been grossly exaggerated, while the harmful side effects have been severely downplayed and brushed under the rug. Well, now the studies are finally starting to prove it. A group of international […]

Nine easy ways to lower blood pressure

If you’re one of the 70 million or so Americans with high blood pressure, you’re (hopefully) limiting your salt and alcohol intake, getting sources of potassium, eating your fruits and veggies, watching your weight, engaging in some exercise and have quit smoking. If so, good for you…but that’s not all you can do. Because there […]

6 Easy Steps to a Sharp Immune System

Most people know their immune system protects them against colds, flu, and bugs, but that’s just the beginning! Your immune system is an incredibly intelligent network of cells, tissues, fluids and glands that is on patrol 24 hours a day and is the primary reason behind whether you are reading this email, or did not […]

Causes for congestion, other than allergies

Spring is upon us and with it the arrival of seasonal allergies! Yes, soon there will be many people walking around with stuffed up noses and wishing they had bought stock in Kleenex. If your allergies are arriving like a lion, be sure to be faithful about taking probiotics.  Probiotics can manufacture enzymes to help […]

Don’t do this for Colitis or Crohn’s

What would you think if I had a leaky roof that was causing water stains in my ceiling and all I kept doing was painting the stains with white paint or cutting out sections of my ceiling every time it rained? Hopefully you’d tell me to switch my brain on and get my roof fixed. […]