How to NOT gain weight on vacation

snuba photo

Before I get into today’s blog I am pleased to announce that I am working on my next book, “Want to lose weight? Stop dieting!”  I will pass along more details as the time gets closer to publication.

And speaking of weight that is the subject of today’s email!

How to NOT gain weight on vacation!
I’ve just returned from an amazing week-long vacation in Aruba–one of my favorite places in the whole world.

There’s nothing like snuba diving and snorkeling in the gorgeous blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Shopping at Aruba’s quaint local merchants is always a unique experience.

We ate in some outstanding restaurants including El Gauchos, The Driftwood and Sea Breeze.
And of course, we enjoyed fruity frozen cocktails while lounging by the pool!

But the best part of all is this–I didn’t gain a single ounce!

That’s right.  I returned home at the exact same weight as when I left.  And I even had dessert on four of the seven days!

Yes indeed.  It can be done.  And if I can do it, so can YOU.

Here are the 3 keys to NOT gaining weight on vacation:

1- Work in some exercise every day
There is definitely no room for excuses when it comes to exercising on vacation!

You have 1,440 minutes each day to lounge by the pool, eat delicious foods, enjoy the nightlife and get quality sleep.  Take 60 of those minutes and walk, run, play tennis, swim or whatever you like to do.

I’m training for a marathon right now, but I didn’t let being 2,146 miles away in Aruba stop me from my training—and I even banged out a 12-mile run on the hotel treadmill.

Then flopped by the pool for the rest of the day!

2- Indulge, but keep it real  
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying exotic foods or desserts, but make sure that at least 75-80 percent of what you’re eating is real food–fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry, fish, whole grains and healthy fats.

On my trip I allowed myself to indulge in some pretty rich foods–I just made sure to buffer them with enough salads, veggies, fruits, meats and fish.


3- Pamper your gut
This is by far the most important point of all.

When you’re away on vacation, you are very susceptible to bacterial contamination of food or water, as well as constipation, gas and bloating from eating foods that you might not be used to.

Since a healthy gut and regular bowel movements are essential to maintaining your weight, it’s crucial to make sure you continue to pamper your gut on vacation with a much-needed dose of friendly bacteria with Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula.

In addition to encouraging strong gut health, Super Shield also supports sound immune function…which in turn, can help prevent you from getting sick from germ-loaded airplanes, airports and hotel rooms!

Remember, maintaining your weight on vacation AND all year round isn’t rocket science.

If you abide by these few simple principles and treat your body right 12 months a year, it will return the favor with health, energy, and forgiveness for your indulgences.

Start now.  You’ll love the results and you’ll never look back…well, except maybe to glance in a mirror and see how great your bathing suit looks on you.

And yes, that’s me in in the picture snuba diving and waving hello to you.


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