8 Common Causes of Poor Digestion

According to Johns Hopkins Health, about 70 million people in the US suffer from some type of digestive problem. That’s about one out of every five of us! Digestive medications continue to be among the top-selling prescription drugs too.  Nexium sales were a whopping $3.7 billion in 2014. So why are we so gassy, blocked […]

Is your healthy diet really healthy?

Never in the history of mankind has there been a group of five words that has such a tremendously vast variety of meanings as… “I have a healthy diet.” I’ve been in the health and nutrition field for 34 years and I’ve seen it ALL when it comes to what people think is a healthy […]

Are e-cigarettes safe?

As I walked along the streets while visiting New York City last weekend it seemed everywhere I turned I saw someone puffing on an e-cigarette. That should be no surprise because these devices have literally EXPLODED in popularity.  Sales of e-cigarettes went from $5 million in 2007 to a whopping $500 million in 2012 and […]

Smart tips to prevent food-borne illness

Summer is upon is and backyard parties, barbecues, and picnics are in full swing. Unfortunately, so are foodborne illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), each year about 1 in 6 Americans gets hit with a foodborne illness like E. coli, campylobacter or salmonella. Foodborne illnesses are responsible for at least […]