The studies are proving it – Statins are useless!

All I can say is, it’s about time! I’ve been long beating the drum about the fact that the benefits of statin treatment have been grossly exaggerated, while the harmful side effects have been severely downplayed and brushed under the rug. Well, now the studies are finally starting to prove it. A group of international […]

The dark side of coffee drinks

For all you Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts fans, I have an important message for you. Those sweet coffee drinks that you love so much have a very dark side—and I’m not referring to how dark the coffee roast is. Here’s what you must know about these concoctions that may taste good, but are anything but […]

Your wake up call to prevent early death

While waiting for a flight at JFK Airport recently, what I saw around me was downright frightening. Nine out of the 10 people I saw while buying a bottle of water were purchasing chips, candy, cookies, 5-hour energy drinks and/or soda of some kind.  The tenth person was buying Tylenol! As I waited at the […]