A peek into my secret past…

Sher Bear

When I speak to audiences about taking responsibility for improving their health, trust me, I see the eyes rolling and I know what they’re thinking.

“Sure, that’s easy for you to say because you’re healthy.  You have no idea what it’s like to be sick.”

Oh, I don’t, huh?

Not so.

Even though now at age 53 I’m very happy to say I am on no medications whatsoever, I work out vigorously 6-7 days a week and am a size 2 (yes, I’ve had kids), it wasn’t always this way.

As a matter of fact, in my 20s, I was a mess.

Here’s a peek into my secret past:

Thin at all cost!
Back in my early 20s (and prior to my nutrition education!) I was working for a health insurance company analyzing claims and underwriting disability insurance.

All that mattered to me was being thin…so I did whatever I needed to do.
I existed on Diet Pepsi.  I would eat junk food, then starve myself for a few days to compensate.  I’m ashamed to say I even used laxatives on a few occasions to drop a couple pounds.

I frequently had headaches and often felt tired, but at least my Chic and Jordache jeans still looked good, so all was OK.

A little smarter, but still unhealthy
As I approached my late 20s and after having my daughter, I gained more of an appreciation for eating healthier foods, plus I had ditched the Diet Pepsi by that point.

But the problem was, I was getting sicker.

I developed terrible acne for which I was given Cleocin topical antibiotic lotion.

My headaches grew in intensity and frequency and eventually qualified as a migraine…so Fioricet was always in my purse.

Plus what used to be occasional gas and bloating blossomed into full-blown irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and I started each day cringing and wondering whether it would be diarrhea or constipation today.  My doctor gave me a prescription for Donnatal.

And the cherry on top of this unhealthy sundae was I also seemed to catch every cold and bug around!

By my 30th birthday, I was on three medications and feeling like garbage.

The enlightenment
I eventually had the great fortune to consult with an MD that was also a holistic practitioner and she enlightened me on several things.

The Cleocin I was using for acne was destroying my friendly gut flora, which was likely making my IBS symptoms worse and hampering my immune system functioning (making me more susceptible to colds).

Common side effects from the headache drug Fioricet were abdominal pain and constipation—the very same IBS symptoms I was suffering from!

The Donnatal I was taking for IBS could cause headaches (for which I was taking Fioricet) and constipation—which was my primary IBS symptom!

Can you see the insanity here?

Plus my doctor explained that the meals I was eating were too taxing on my system—so I was basically ruining my digestion and likely creating my own IBS.

And poor digestion can also lead to acid waste buildup and inflammation, which were likely factors behind my acne and headaches.

The transformation
My journal to health started with my diet.

At my doctor’s suggestion, I avoided eating animal proteins and starches in the same meal and only ate fruit by itself on an empty stomach.

My IBS literally disappeared overnight, never to return.

These were the basic concepts of the dietary science of food combining, which I would eventually use as the subject of my Master’s thesis and write a book about (Great Taste No Pain) so that I could help others that were suffering like I did.

As more time went on I noticed my skin cleared up and my headaches went away.

My doctor also put me on a multi-strain probiotic formula to help my gut flora recover from the incredible damage caused by three years of daily antibiotic use.

After observing how great it felt to have regular bowel movements and rarely catch colds, I was later inspired to create my own multi-strain probiotic formula, Super Shield

Fast forward to today
Great Taste No Pain has sold several hundred thousand copies and people continue to be amazed at how effective a few simple modifications to their meals can be.

People tell me on a daily basis how wonderful Super Shield helps them feel…and believe me, when I say “I know!”

I’ve since created other fine Holistic Blends products to help with digestive issues and other health challenges.

And I can stand up in front of several hundred people and speak with passion AND experience about how you CAN help make a huge difference in your health.

I know how you feel.  But it’s never too late, you’re never too far gone, and most importantly, YOU’RE WORTH IT!


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