Probiotics vs. Digestive Enzymes – Do you need both?

Currently, about 100 million Americans suffer from some type of digestive problem.

For many, GI problems can be annoying and uncomfortable.  For others, they dramatically impact their lifestyle and cause frequent absences from work or school.

And still for others, their conditions may be downright debilitating.

But there’s one common emotion among ALL digestive misery sufferers:

The typical go-to’s are acid reducers, antacids, and/or laxatives, but they’re a temporary Band-aid and come with potential side effects that can be worse than the original problem!

But the good news is natural supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics have been helping a whole lot of people feel better—without dangerous medication side effects.

Let’s take a look at these two types of supplements (featuring our very own Digestizol Max and Super Shield) and see how they can help YOU feel better.

How they differ

Digestive enzymes
Digestizol Max is a dose of natural, plant-derived enzymes which mimic the actions of the digestive enzymes that your body produces.  It works to break down your foods while you are eating, thereby helping to encourage more complete digestion.

Digestizol Max does its work in the stomach and small intestine.  The enzymes in the formula are activated when they come into contact with their particular “target food” and reach the proper pH environment of the stomach or small intestine.

Once your foods are broken down, Digestizol Max’s primary work is done.  Then your (more thoroughly broken down) food completes its journey through the intestinal tract…and you likely will have a much easier time when Nature calls as a result!

Super Shield, on the other hand, is not an enzyme but a dose of 13 strains of the same type of beneficial bacteria that you (ideally) should have a strong population of in your intestines.

These friendly bacteria do help to break down certain starches and fibers in your intestines, so in that respect probiotics do share some responsibility with digestive enzymes.

However, the functions of your intestinal flora go WAY beyond digestion-with the most significant being your immune system.

70 percent of your immune system resides in those friendly little inhabitants of your intestines.  So when their numbers are low and they’re “outweighed” by harmful bacteria, that can have a tremendous impact on your immune system functioning.

This leaves you susceptible to every bug, virus and infection around, as well as lacking protection against diseases like cancer.

Do you need both?
Both a healthy supply of digestive enzymes and properly balanced intestinal flora are extremely important.

To determine what your needs might be, you only have to do two things.
LOOK at yourself and LISTEN to your body.

LOOK at yourself
It’s time to face the music and be honest here:

  • Are your 4 food groups Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts?
  • Is your version of fresh fruit and vegetables applesauce and French fries?
  • Was disco the latest craze last time you ate a tossed salad?
  • Do most of your foods come in box, bag, jar or can?

If so, you’re putting a tremendous amount of stress on your body to digest what you’ve eaten.  And chances are excellent that you’ve impacted your body’s ability to product adequate digestive enzymes and could benefit from a boost with Digestizol Max.

On the other hand, if you’re more of a carb lover, you drink lots of soda and your 4 food groups are bread, pasta, crackers and cookies, chances are excellent that you may have some harmful bacteria overgrowth (dysbiosis) going on in your gut.

Refined carbs such as these turn to pure sugar upon digestion and act as nourishment for your harmful gut inhabitants, so they can grow out of control and overcome your friendly flora.

That means you may need to help repopulate your army of helpful bacteria with Super Shield.

LISTEN to your body
Your body is constantly talking to you.  You just need to listen to it.
Here are some telltale signs and what they can be caused by:

Problem Low digestive enzymes Imbalanced intestinal flora
Gas, bloating and cramps X X
Heartburn; acid reflux X  
Diarrhea X X
Constipation X X
Autoimmune flare-ups   X
Frequent colds, flu, infections   X
Nutritional deficiencies X X
Low energy X X
New or worsening allergies   X
New or worsening skin conditions   X
High cholesterol or triglycerides X X
Headaches X  
Anxiety; depression   X
Body aches and pains X X

In our world filled with dietary temptations, convenience foods, long work hours and stress, it’s very rare that someone does NOT need a little help now and then.

So it’s essential to honestly examine how you’re feeling…and give your body whatever help it might need so you can stay on a path of great health into your golden years!


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