Health Atrocities that are Viewed as Normal

I’ve been in the health field for 30 years and believe me, I’ve heard it all.  (Yes, that’s me in the picture above—thought you’d like a visual of what it’s like to talk to me and tell me your story.)

I’m not judgmental when people tell me the health atrocities they believe in or subscribe to, because quite frankly, it’s usually not their fault—instead they’ve been conditioned into thinking how they do.

When you hear or see something enough times and everyone around you feels the same way or does the same thing, it becomes what is “normal” for you.

Unfortunately, we’re at a point in our existence where things are about as ABNORMAL as they can get…and it’s frightening that so many people don’t even realize that.

Let me give you a few examples of…

Health atrocities that are viewed as “normal”

Gaining weight as we age is normal
While metabolism does slow somewhat as we age and hormonal changes kick in, that is no excuse for packing on the pounds.

If your backside is widening more with each passing year, time to look at your diet and exercise level and stop blaming the fact that you’re getting older.

Being on medication is normal
Seven out of 10 of us take at least one prescription drug each day, so it’s easy to see why being on medication can seem normal.

Although there are some instances where long-term medication use is certainly necessary (such as Type 1 diabetes) it is not normal for the average person to live their life relying on chemicals.

There is always an underlying cause behind something that’s awry in your body, and many problems stem from poor nutrition or inadequate digestion.  Getting nutrients in and eliminating wastes are not optional, and if you’re slacking in either of those, your body will begin to revolt.

But unfortunately, instead of looking within to see why we hurt, have heartburn, are depressed, have elevated cholesterol or can’t sleep, we are bombarded with drug ads EVERYWHERE telling us if we have a problem, we should ask our doctor if XYZ drug is right for us.  At the same time, our doctors have been trained to rely heavily on pharmaceuticals as the standard (or only) treatment option.

So naturally it seems normal to be medicated.

Having a disease is normal
This is an extension of medications being the norm.

We spend our days eating nutrient-poor processed and fast foods, drinking soda, smoking cigarettes, exercising too little, drinking too much alcohol, being stressed out, sleeping too little and relying on medications to make us feel better.

In other words, rolling out the red carpet for disease.

Plus illnesses have also been “created” by the drug industry heavily influencing the medical community which helps many of us to earn our place in the land of the diagnosed.

For example, hypertension used to mean blood pressure that exceeds 140/90.

Now when you’re between 120/80 and 139/89, you are considered “pre-hypertensive” and medications may be recommended.

Way back when people used to get heartburn if they ate too much or indulged in rich foods that didn’t agree with them.

Now they are labeled as having “acid reflux disease” for which daily purple pills are the answer.

In the good old days, some kids used to be on the rowdy side were fidgety or daydreamed a lot and had to stay in from recess to finish their work.

Now they are said to have “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” and the daily drugging with amphetamines can start as early as age 3.
See a pattern here by any chance?

What SHOULD be normal—great health!
Your body’s natural state is one of HEALTH—not disease and medication dependence!

And the wonderful thing is, you can do so much to help your body revert to its well-deserved state of health—it’s never too late to feel better.

Your diet is number one.  If you eat garbage, expect to feel like garbage.  But if you eat wholesome real foods, expect to be nourished and healthy.

Supplement as needed.  Most people can benefit from probiotics because our friendly intestinal flora populations are always taking a hit from pollutants, stress, poor food choices, and medications, among other things.  Omega-3 fatty acids are another good idea, especially if you’re prone to inflammation and pain.  And if you’re not always religious about making smart food choices, a good daily multivitamin can help fill in the blanks for you in terms of nutrients.

Work in some form of exercise!  Even if you have physical limitations or are “not a spring chicken,” there is always something you can do.  When I ran the Empire State Marathon in 2012, there were three 70-year-old male participants that finished!  Now, what’s your excuse?

Get enough water.  Being dehydrated can increase levels of pain, cause mental confusion, sap your energy and make you constipated, among other things.  Eight 8 oz. glasses a day should be your minimum.

Work with your doctor as your healthcare partner.  Ask him to explore reducing your medication doses, opting for less strong medication or checking out natural remedies.  If he is unwilling to talk about your concerns, well, take that as a sign that it may be time to get a new doctor.

See how great you can feel when you stop buying into health atrocities and start supporting real health in YOU!


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