Glyphosate found in children’s nutrient formula

I truly hate to start your Monday with such disturbing news, but you need to be aware of how just how far food and drug companies will go to increase their bottom lines while jeopardizing our health—including the health of children with diseases.

Testing recently performed by Microbe Inotech Lab detected glyphosate (the main ingredient in Monsanto’s popular herbicide Roundup) in 6 out of 20 (30 percent) of PediaSure samples.

PediaSure is a nutritional liquid used in feeding tubes for pediatric cancer patients in hospitals!

The PediaSure Enteral Nutritional Drink tested contains GM corn syrup, soy and sugar (all of which have been shown to stir up inflammation), and are sprayed with glyphosate during the growing process.

Here are the reasons why this is positively frightening.

Growing dangers of glyphosate
Glyphosate functions as a chelator and draws out vital nutrients from any living organism that it touches.

Glyphosate is actually a patented antibiotic.  All antibiotics destroy your beneficial gut bacteria, which houses 70 percent of your immune system.
Plus glyphosate also feeds dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, thereby giving your immune system a crushing double-blow.

And this is being pumped into babies with cancer!

Glyphosate also interferes with your body’s ability to produce serotonin and melatonin, which in turn can increase your risk of diabetes, impair your body’s sleep cycle and make you more susceptible to depressive disorders.

It is also suspected to play a role in miscarriage, birth defects, infertility and sterility by disrupting the endocrine system and hormone levels.

And here is one of the most disturbing points:  The rise of autism is 99 percent correlated with the increased use of glyphosate.

Minimize your risks!
Glyphosate is all around us, and it’s quickly becoming a matter of life or death to minimize your risks, avoid glyphosate and help your body recover from any exposure you’ve already had.

Explore other weed options
First and foremost, avoid using Roundup in your landscaping. In addition to the obvious pulling weeds, you can also fight them by pouring boiling water on them, covering them with newspaper, putting salt on them and even dousing them with white vinegar.

Avoid GMO foods
Also, avoid GMO foods as much as possible, as they most assuredly have been treated with glyphosate in the growing season.  GMO fruits and vegetables can be spotted by looking at the code on the sticker—if it has 5 digits and starts with an 8, it’s a GMO.

As far as processed foods go, the only way you can be safe is to choose organic.

Note that potential dangers exist with meat, poultry, milk and eggs too because many of the animals raised for our food consumption are fed GMO feed, which highly likely to be treated with glyphosate.  Seek out organic options as much as possible.

Organic foods can be costly, but you can help control the cost by shopping local farmer’s markets and participating in Community Supported Agriculture programs.

Pamper your gut flora
Chances are excellent that your friendly gut flora may have already taken a hit from glyphosate or other harmful factors (such as antibiotics, antacids, smoking, stress or a nutrient-poor diet) supplementing with a high quality probiotic like Super Shield can help repopulate the helpful bacteria in your gut and bring your flora balance to a healthier level.

Remember, it’s becoming increasingly important to take responsibility for your own health…your life just may depend on it.


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