Glyphosate found in children’s nutrient formula

I truly hate to start your Monday with such disturbing news, but you need to be aware of how just how far food and drug companies will go to increase their bottom lines while jeopardizing our health—including the health of children with diseases. Testing recently performed by Microbe Inotech Lab detected glyphosate (the main ingredient […]

A Sneaky Cause of Pneumonia and C-Diff

In recent years, pneumonia and Clostrudium difficile (C. diff) are becoming increasingly prevalent, largely due to overuse of antibiotics and the resulting antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that are evolving. Between 5 and 10 million people get pneumonia in the US every year, more than 1 million are hospitalized, and about 57,000 people die each year […]

The Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Reason #1: You’re on a diet If there’s one thing history has proven repeatedly it’s that dieting doesn’t work. Whether you reduce portions, use “plans” with special foods, count calories or points, or drink shakes, any weight you lose will come rolling back on once you eat your “old way” again. The fix: Your “diet” […]

Homemade Pizza Crust

This recipe and many others can be found in our Great Taste No Pain health guide! Note: This is designed to be cooked on a well seasoned 14 inch pizza stone. If you do not have a stone, you may wish to oil your pan and sprinkle it with cornmeal to prevent the pizza from sticking. Ingredients: […]

Six Important Tests to Ask Your Doctor to Run

Millions of people vowed in the late hours of December 31st, 2015 to improve their health in some way as they rang in 2016. If that includes you, congratulations! In addition to eating healthier and exercising, seeing your doctor for a checkup is a great place to start on the road to a healthier you. […]

Don’t do this for Colitis or Crohn’s

What would you think if I had a leaky roof that was causing water stains in my ceiling and all I kept doing was painting the stains with white paint or cutting out sections of my ceiling every time it rained? Hopefully you’d tell me to switch my brain on and get my roof fixed. […]