My Bold Prediction for 2016

I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolution gal—instead I prefer to look at what’s going in the health industry and make a rather bold but well thought-out prediction for the year.
And my prediction for 2016 is this:

Genetically engineered foods are going to continue to rise up as a significant threat to human health, and our survival will depend on avoiding these creations and helping our bodies recover.

Here is why I say that:

The creation of a monster
Since genetically engineered (GE) foods first appeared on the scene in 1994, the biotech industry (led by Monsanto but also assisted by chemical giants Dow, Syngenta, DuPont, BASF and Bayer) has been sailing full steam ahead creating a variety of Frankenfoods.

GE crops are allegedly supposed to resist pests, weeds and poor weather conditions better than traditional crops and produce higher yields—this allows Monsanto to put on a red superhero cape and market these creepy creatures under the guise that they will help ensure an adequate world food supply. <Sigh.>

Well, let’s look at that, shall we?

Who are you?
GE foods are made by in labs by scientists “playing God”—altering the genetic code of plants (and now more recently fish) and forming mixtures of plant, animal, bacteria, and even viral genes that have never existed anywhere in Nature.

What results is an organism that is completely foreign to our bodies, and which introduces proteins into our systems that our bodies have never dealt with since the dawn of time.
Tell me, how do you think your immune system might react to the arrival of these completely foreign organisms cruising through your bloodstream?

I believe we are going to see an explosion of out-of-whack immune system reactions including a sharp rise in food allergies and sensitivities, as well as more autoimmune diseases popping up and even increases in many cancers!

Sorry, but creating potentially dangerous Frankenfoods to supposedly end world hunger makes about as much sense as cutting off your nose because you’ve got a bad cold.

But wait!  There’s more!
As if altering genetic codes was not enough, GE crops are also heavily doused with Monsanto’s revered cash cow—the herbicide Roundup®.

Monsanto has claimed that Roundup® (known by its chemical name of glyphosate) is harmless to animals and humans because it uses what is called the shikimate acid pathway to kill weeds, and this metabolic pathway is absent in people and pets.

However, this particular pathway IS present in BACTERIA, and that’s how it can eventually work to cause bodily harm in both humans and animals—through your gut bacteria.

The bacteria in your body outnumber your bodily cells by 10 to one, and every tiny bacterium inside of you has the shikimate acid pathway–so they can all pitch in and assist in the harmful wrath of glyphosate!

What makes this worse is that glyphosate prefers to attack your beneficial gut bacteria, thereby allowing dangerous pathogens to flourish easier and overcome your friendly microbes.  At that point, you become a candidate for any number of viruses, infections and diseases to fester.
Plus glyphosate has been linked to certain cancers, including lymphoma, and to DNA damage, premature births, birth defects, and ADHD, according to recent research.

In addition, glyphosate can also eventually destroy the villi in your intestinal wall, and reduce your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  This can increase your risk of deficiency diseases as well as obesity.

They’re everywhere!
Although many countries have banned GMO crops altogether (including Switzerland, Australia, Austria, China, India, France, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, and Russia) the US leads the pack in their production.

Currently about 170 million acres of GE crops are under cultivation in the US, including 90 percent or more of all corn, soy, cotton, canola and sugar beets.

Plus Roundup® is sprayed heavily on other non-GMO crops including wheat, rice, beans, potatoes, barley, oats, flax, peas, lentils and sugar cane.

And perhaps the greatest concern of all is this:  With the exception of salmon, GE foods are not required by the FDA to be labeled as such.

What that means is that unless you are buying organic, you can bet you’re getting GE foods and a hefty dose of glyphosate to boot.

Fight back!
Now more than ever in our existence, we need to take charge of our own health, and that includes fighting back against GE foods.

Avoid processed foods, fast foods and soda at all cost—they most assuredly contain GE ingredients!

Strive to buy organic whenever you can.  You can help control the cost with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs or local buying groups.

Visit farmer’s markets and ask your local farmers about their growing practices.  Although many of them may not be “certified” organic, they still may grow their crops without pesticides, herbicides and GE seeds which can certainly help minimize your risk.  Plus they deserve your business—NOT massive food companies.

Also, you can support your body with vitamin D and probiotic supplementation.  Vitamin D helps to tame inflammatory immune responses such as those seen with food allergies and sensitivities, environmental allergies and autoimmune diseases, and probiotics help to beef up your population of healthy intestinal microbes that may be already suffering the effects of glyphosate.


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