A new “awareness” about breast cancer

education wednesday 10-8-14

As you probably know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pink ribbons are popping up everywhere as a visual reminder for everyone to be aware of breast cancer.

Walks, runs and other events are being conducted across the country to increase everyone’s awareness.

I’m sorry if I sound cynical, but all of this “awareness” has gotten us absolutely nowhere in terms of successfully fighting breast cancer.

Here’s what I mean:

The grim statistics

According to the American Cancer Society, about 235,000 women in the US were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, and about 40,000 died from it.

Breastcancer.org says the average woman currently stands a one in eight shot of developing the disease in their lifetime.

Although the National Cancer Institute recommends that women age 40 or older have screening mammograms every one to two years, and mammography technology continues to get more sophisticated, the breast cancer incidence rate (the percent of women who get it) has grown from 1975 to 2010.

And most significantly, the mortality (death) rate is about the same today (based on data through 2010) as it was in 1975!

So you tell me—where has all this awareness gotten us when you are still facing the same risk of dying from breast cancer as women did when Gerald Ford was President?

Clearly, we need to make a drastic shift here in what we’re aware of.

And that needs to be a shift toward…

Prevention of breast cancer!

That’s right—prevention is where it’s at, my friend.

Screening technology can continue to get more sophisticated, advances in surgical procedures can continue to be achieved, but they both only address cancer once it has occurred!

And even if you are “lucky” enough to have your cancer caught at an early stage and are a survivor, the fact remains that your body has been an environment where cancer has flourished…and unless you do something to change that, it may show its face again in the future.

Let’s talk about what cancer really is, and look at ways that you can slash your risk of developing breast cancer (plus other cancers too!).

It’s no mystery

Contrary to what many people think, cancer is not the mystery that it seems to be.  It’s actually quite simple.

With cancer, the DNA (your genetic code) becomes damaged in one or more of your cells.

This damage can be the result of things like toxins in your food or the environment, cigarette smoke or exposure to other carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).

When the damage occurs, the cell starts to act erratically and multiply itself WAAAY too quickly, and begins to form a tumor.

At the same time, the rate of natural cell death (called apoptosis) for the damaged cells goes way down.  That really opens the door for the tumor to flourish.

The tumor can begin to “hog” oxygen and nutrients from your surrounding (healthy) cells to help fuel its growth too.

And this “perfect storm” of factors is a big green light for the tumor to continue to grow out of control and eventually invade other areas (metastasize).

Exposure does not mean diagnosis

Now, being exposed to a factor that damages the DNA in your breast cells is NOT a guarantee that you’ll develop breast cancer.

Because in addition to the DNA damage, you also have to provide the proper (body) environment for breast cancer to thrive.

And that cancer-friendly environment is created when you:

  • Lack your body’s main defense system against cancer
  • Are low in certain essential nutrients
  • Have inflammation in your cells and tissues and
  • Have an acidic blood pH

And this is where you can make a tremendous difference in whether or not you will be among the one out of eight women who will face the disease!

Here’s the scoop on each of those:

1-     Your body’s defense system (aka your immune system)

When the DNA in one of your cells becomes damaged like I described above, it’s not like your body immediately waves the white flag of defeat and you become a victim of breast (or other) cancer.

On the contrary, you have an internal army of very sophisticated cancer protection agents–called your immune system.

You see, in a healthy body, your immune cells detect and engulf cancer cells (plus other dangerous toxins and microbes) and destroy them.

This process is happening all the time inside of you!  Your immune system is on guard 24/7.

But if you have a weak immune system, not only are you lacking this vital cancer protection, but you’re also more susceptible to every bug, infection and virus around!

2-     Nutrient deficiencies

Most people are aware of the fact that diseases like osteoporosis, goiter and anemia are caused by lacking certain nutrients.

I have news for you:  Add cancer to that list.

Yes, being low in essential nutrients is sending cancer an invitation to take up residence inside of you.

Here is the role that certain key nutrients play in protecting you against breast (and other) cancers:

  • Antioxidant vitamins (like Vitamins C and E) and minerals (like selenium) can actually help prevent and repair DNA damage that may otherwise develop into a cancerous tumor!
  • Vitamins A, D and folate all encourage healthy, proper (NOT erratic, tumor-forming) cell growth.
  • Many of the phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables have been shown to have anti-carcinogenic properties and are potent antioxidants as well.
  • Iodine is an essential trace element required for the synthesis of hormones, and the lack of it can also cause or contribute to the development of breast cancer.

3-     Inflammation

Inflammation is an underlying factor in arguably just about every disease.

In addition to the obvious role in plays in arthritis, it can contribute to migraines, high blood pressure and inflammatory bowel disease, as well as aches and pains of all kinds.

Plus it’s even been implicated as the true underlying cause of atherosclerosis (not cholesterol as so many people believe).

And when you have a fair level of inflammation in your cells, your body’s ability to heal and protect you against disease is greatly impaired.

So cancer stands a better chance to come calling on you.

4-   Acidic blood pH

Your body was designed to function optimally in an environment where you have a slightly alkaline blood pH (between 7.3 and 7.4).

But a swing into the acid range can cause your cells and tissues to break down and not be able to function properly.

So it’s no wonder that studies have shown cancer thrives in an acidic environment, but it fails to thrive in an alkaline environment.

Breast cancer prevention – that’s what we need to be aware of!

If you want to truly help minimize your risk of becoming one of the grim breast cancer statistics I quoted above (and help prevent other cancers too), prevention is where it’s at.

Here are seven truly effective strategies to help stack the deck in your favor and help keep breast cancer (and cancer in general) far away from YOU:

Breast cancer prevention strategy #1: Eat away your risk

This is far and away THE #1 most important anti-cancer measure you can take.

Both the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society estimate that at least 30-35% of all cancers are related to your diet!

Here’s why a good diet has such a profound effect on breast (and other) cancer prevention and treatment:

First of all, having a diet comprised of meals that your body can more easily break down and contain lots of alkaline foods (like fruits and vegetables) can help eliminate built-up toxic wastes in your body…so disease-causing toxins and carcinogens can be swept away with your bowel movements instead of being reabsorbed into your bloodstream.

Plus a diet of healthy real foods helps to address and minimize deficiencies in nutrients and antioxidants that can contribute to cancer like I mentioned above.

In addition, a proper diet and efficient digestion is key to keeping your pH in a healthy slightly alkaline range and minimizing disease-causing inflammation in your cells and tissues!

The great news is, having this ever-important healthy diet is not only easy, but it tastes great too!

That is, if you follow the Great Taste No Pain health system


or if you’re gluten-sensitive, Great Taste No Gluten.


Both the Great Taste No Pain and Great Taste No Gluten systems will show you how to create healthful, nutritious meals (featuring many of the anti-cancer nutrients mentioned earlier) that are not only positively delicious, but are also easier for your system to digest.

When your digestion is accomplished like it should be, not only will you be helping to eliminate toxins, but you’ll also help maximize your body’s absorption of cancer-fighting nutrients from your foods!

Breast cancer prevention strategy #2: Beef up your immune system

Since your immune system plays such a HUGE role in cancer prevention, this is a crucial step too.

And since 70% of your immune system resides in the beneficial bacteria in your gut, it’s essential to make sure your intestinal flora is healthy and in the proper balance.

In addition to a nutritious diet like I mentioned in #1 above, probiotic supplementation can help you achieve this important, possibly life-saving goal.

Super Shield’s 13 strains of friendly bacteria are up to this potentially life-saving task.


As soon as they arrive “on the scene,” Super Shield’s impressive “army” lines your intestinal walls, helps crowd out unhealthy bacteria, and helps keep your digestion smooth (so carcinogens and dangerous bacteria can be eliminated with your bowel movements).

This will help keep your intestinal flora balance where it needs to be and help build a strong, cancer-fighting immune system!

Breast cancer prevention strategy #3: Get enough Omega-3 essential fatty acids

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are Nature’s anti-inflammatory.

They also happen to be practically non-existent in today’s modern diet of processed and fast food, refined carbs and soda.

Without a proper population of Omega-3 EFAs in your body, inflammation-causing Omega-6 EFAs (which are abundant in our diets of today) have free reign to light fires of cancer-loving inflammation from head to toe!

In addition, a cancer cell’s success in growing out of control is dependent on being able to get nourishment from the surrounding cells through your bloodstream.

And researchers have recently shown that this “nourishment pathway” is a reflection of the fatty acid balance in your body.

You see, having an imbalance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids produces a metabolite known as arachidonic acid (ARA).

ARA helps increase tumor growth and is a primary dietary cause of cancer development and metastasis.

On the other hand, Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help stop cancerous growth and metastasis by halting the nourishing blood supply to the tumor!

Although Omega-3 EFAs are found in fatty fish like salmon, most people don’t eat nearly enough fish to make a difference.

That’s why supplementation with a quality fish oil formula like VitalMega-3 can be a life saver!


VitalMega-3 is a pure, potent, top-quality fish oil formula that delivers 1,000 mg of the recommended EPA and DHA essential fatty acids in every daily 2-capsule serving.

Nature’s anti-inflammatory at its finest!

Breast cancer prevention strategy #4: Get your Zzzzs’s and de-stress

Lacking sleep and high levels of stress are both murder on your immune system.

And since you now know how much your immune system protects you against breast and other cancers, you don’t want to weaken its ability to keep you healthy.

Life goes on without watching the late show or posting e-cards and selfies on Facebook late at night.  Turn off the TV and the computer and get some decent rest.

Plus take advantage of stress-reduction measures that are all around you—deep breathing, taking a walk, meditation, prayer, yoga, counseling and taking up a hobby have all been shown to be helpful to many.

Breast cancer prevention strategy #5: Rethink mammograms

Mammograms only detect cancer once it has occurred. And sadly for many women, that’s a little too late.

Plus current estimates show that mammograms:

  • Are incorrect up to 80% of the time (providing a false negative or false positive)
  • Use compression, which can damage breast tissue
  • Are not effective for up to 50% of women (such as women with dense breasts or implants)

A much more effective preventive measure can be through the use of thermography.

Thermography doesn’t provide an “internal picture” like a mammogram or MRI. Instead it measures the infrared heat emitted by your body and translates that information into thermal images.

As such, it does not require breast compression or radiation, and can detect signs of physiological changes due to inflammation and/or increased tumor related blood flow approximately 8-10 years before mammography or a physical exam can detect a mass!

I encourage you to explore the possibility of thermography with your doctor.  If he/she balks at the idea and is not willing to discuss it with you, find a doctor who will.

Breast cancer prevention strategy #6: Get regular exercise

Regular exercise is key to breast cancer prevention.

Not only does it help eliminate dangerous wastes and toxins from your body, but it also encourages better digestion, helps keep your weight under control (or helps you take pounds off if you’re overweight), plus it’s a natural stress reliever!

But notice I said “regular” and “exercise” in the same sentence.

Regular means you do it at least 4-5 times a week.  And exercise means something that raises your heart rate.

No more excuses.   Get your doctor’s OK and get moving.

Your life just may depend on it.

Breast cancer prevention strategy #7: Quit smoking

Smoking is really a double-whammy in terms of skyrocketing your cancer risk.

First there’s the obvious one that everyone knows about—smoking introduces over 4,000 chemical compounds into your body, 69 of which are known to cause cancer.

But on the flip side, smoking also depletes your body’s supply of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

I know it’s not easy, but the best things in life usually aren’t easy to attain.  Get help if you need it and say goodbye to smoking for good.

Your body will say thank you in ways you can’t even imagine.


Because now you are aware of what really matters in the fight against breast cancer–TRUE breast cancer prevention strategies!

Real honest to goodness help-keep-cancer-out-of-your-life strategies that can make a HUGE difference in whether or not your number will come up in the one in eight lottery.

And that’s something that all the gazillions of dollars spent on mammograms, surgeries and “awareness” cannot do.

Make prevention a top priority in your life.


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