Tired all the time? This may be why…

I think it’s a fair statement that most of us have had days where we felt like we were “the walking dead” and could barely keep our eyes open. Whether it was because of a cold or flu, not sleeping enough the night before, a long plane ride or doing something physically exhausting, most people […]

A depression quiz and surprising remedies

In the wake of Robin Williams’ recent suicide, we were all grimly reminded that depression is a condition that can affect anyone—rich or poor, famous or not. And the number of people suffering from depression continues to grow. Research published in The American Journal of Psychiatry reported that major depression rates for American adults doubled […]

6 “Health” foods that aren’t healthy

No matter where I go, if people find out that I’m in the nutrition field, they suddenly flock to me to tell me about their dietary challenges or ask me food questions. A Jet Blue employee at my local airport still remembers a conversation we had over 2 years ago as she was checking me […]

Food labels: Don’t be fooled by the tricks!

When someone is faced with trying to understand something that is next-to-impossible for them to figure out, they might use the old expression, “It’s Greek to me!” Well, I hate to say it but the labels on the vast majority of packaged foods on our store shelves may as well be written in Greek (or […]