How to finally stop stress eating

Here is a scenario that is familiar to far too many people: You have a stressful day, whether it’s at your job, school or with your personal relationships. You feel frustrated, don’t know what to do and are overwhelmed. Your mind is racing, your stomach is churning and you’re struggling to take a deep breath. […]

Which Supplements Do You Need?

I recently gave a presentation at Syracuse University and was asked an excellent question by one of the staff members. She said that her doctor had told her to take Vitamin D supplements because a test had shown she was low in it. Then she asked, “How does someone know what supplements, if any, they […]

Lose your stubborn belly fat these 4 ways

Ever since I was an aerobics instructor in the 80’s (yes, I was a Jane Fonda disciple with tights, legwarmers and headbands) one of the most common areas of frustration I’ve encountered in my students and workout classmates over the years is having a “pooch.” In other words, stubborn belly fat that won’t go away, […]