Is this the best sports drink ever?

education wednesday 6-25

Someday I’d like to be able to say with complete certainty that I’ve seen it all and actually have that be true.
Well, today is not that day.
Because I just read an article about a new sports drink that is made with…I’m totally serious…hornet spit.
Yes, you read that right. Hornet spit.
Here’s the buzz (pardon the pun) on this latest and greatest member of the energy concoction world.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a hornet?
The hornet whose saliva is used in this drink is not your average bug.
It’s called the Vespa Mandarinia Japonica—and it’s a giant hornet found in Japan. Its body is about as big as your thumb and it has a full wingspan of about three inches!
I don’t know about you, but even thinking of a hornet that big gives me the heebie-jeebies.
Apparently this hornet is a nasty killing machine—it can annihilate a hive of bees in a matter of a few minutes, and about 40 people die in Japan every year as a result of being stung by these flying assassins.
When this terminator of the bee world attacks its prey, it gnashes up the victim’s muscle tissue into a mush, and in doing so, creates a fluid by-product called the vespa amino acid mixture (VAAM)—which also happens to be the name of the sports drink.
How appropriate.
According to the promoters, it’s this VAAM fluid that gives these buzzing slayers their Superman-like abilities, which include flying up to 60 miles per day at speeds as fast as 25 mph.
So if you ever happen to come face to face with one of these suckers and think you’ll outrun it, unless you’re part cheetah you’re quite mistaken.
The creators of the drink hypothesize that if VAAM turns these giant Japanese hornets into a bunch of flying Iron Men, it will have a similar energizing effect on you and me.
That is, if you can actually force yourself to drink this stuff and not gag.
Now, allegedly there are a couple of studies that the producers of this magic juice have offered up as evidence of improved endurance in humans, along with a handful of testimonials from claimed users.
But time will tell whether or not this is just another member of the sports gimmick world, and more importantly, what drinking deadly hornet spit will do to your body in the long run.
Now let’s look at…
The truth behind sports drinks
Sports drinks are designed to help replace carbs and electrolytes that you sweat out through a long, intense workout (90 minutes or more), or when you are exercising in very hot, humid weather, or when you are sweating profusely.
But thanks to creative marketing and yummy flavors, people gulp these drinks FAR more often than they’re needed.
Consider this: A one-cup (8 oz.) serving of Gatorade has about 50 calories and 107 mg. of sodium. But what many people don’t realize is the average bottle holds 20 oz., or 2-1/2 servings.
Fact is, the average person will drink the entire bottle of Gatorade–to the tune of 125 calories and a whopping 268 mg. of sodium.
If that’s following an intense workout like I described above, that’s one thing. But if you’ve just taken a stroll around the block, you haven’t even come close to burning 125 calories and you’re pumping sodium into your body that it doesn’t need (and increasing your high blood pressure risk).
For lighter or shorter workouts, water is best.
The tried and true formula for lasting energy
If you are looking for ways to help increase your energy for workouts (or to stay awake at your desk!), then please stop chasing silver bullets and gimmicks.
Instead do what has been shown for AGES to help your body create all the energy you need:
• Give your body the building blocks (nutrients) it needs
• Make sure digestions is tip-top
• Address a common energy-zapping deficiency
Here’s the lowdown on each of those:
1- The building blocks
Your body has a wide range of nutritional requirements, and when it doesn’t get what it needs, you can start dragging as a result!
First of all, your primary source of nutrients should be your food.
Supplements are extremely helpful, but they are called “supplements” for a reason–they are meant to supplement or add to a healthy diet of real foods. You can’t make the mistake of having a terrible diet and think you’ll be OK as long as you supplement. Your body knows the difference and it’s crucial to give it nutrients that are derived from food first—then supplement as needed.
Now, by “food” I mean REAL food–not processed food. Your food should not come with a bar code and ingredients you can’t pronounce.
Trust me, if you don’t know what an ingredient on a label is, neither does your body.
And don’t be fooled into thinking that, while those chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients don’t nourish you, they just harmlessly slide on through your GI tract and are eliminated when Nature calls. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Instead your body has to treat them like a toxin, filtering them out of your bloodstream and processing them through your liver. This can stress your liver and send your energy level plummeting.
When it comes to food, keep it real. Do the vast majority of your grocery shopping in the outer perimeter of the store–where the fresh produce, meats and dairy are located.
2- Don’t let your gut hog all your energy
Nothing your body does demands more energy than digestion.
So if yours is not going along so well, you can forget having anything that even closely resembles a strong level of energy. You’ll see my three cats dance the hula in grass skirts first.
Now, the key to having strong digestion is to eat meals that your body can more easily break down and make sure you have enough enzymes to do the job.
Unfortunately, the typical meals that most people eat could not be digested efficiently even if their GI tract was as strong as the Incredible Hulk.
And since their systems expend lots of enzymes trying to break down difficult meals like this, they can get to the point where their bodies can’t produce enough enzymes anymore.
But the winning team of Great Taste No Pain and Digestizol Max can help turn around a cycle of poor digestion…fast.
The Great Taste No Pain health system can show you how to structure high-energy, easier to digest meals that taste positively fantastic!
And Digestizol Max enzyme formula can pinch-hit where your body might be running low in enzymes.
When you eat combinations of foods that can be broken down more efficiently by your stomach and intestines, and give your body the enzyme help it might need, your system doesn’t NEED to use up all your energy for digestion.
That leaves LOTS more energy for YOU!
3- Look at a common energy-killing deficiency—Vitamin B12
When you’re low in Vitamin B12, your body has trouble producing energy as efficiently as it should…and you can end up “dragging” as a result.
Unfortunately, B12 is also a very common deficiency–especially with vegetarians, people who use antacids, people who have had gastric surgery and the elderly.
Your doctor can do a simple test to see if you’re low in B12. If you are and changes to your diet aren’t enough, don’t just think that pills or shots are your only options. B12 pills have been shown to have inconsistent absorbency rates in the GI tract and shots can be painful and expensive.
Instead there is another very effective option for B12 supplementation that costs far less than shots, is convenient and bypasses the possible shortcomings in the GI tract for absorption.
It’s Hydroxaden 2.5.
Hydroxaden 2.5 is a convenient vitamin B12 spray that gives you an energy-supporting 2.5 mg of B12 (in the form of hydroxocobalamin) suggested by many nutrition experts. Just five quick sprays under your tongue each day is all it takes.
Stop chasing rainbows and start helping your body!
When it comes to having a good, strong level of energy for your workout or workdays, do yourself a favor and stop chasing rainbows and falling for gimmicks.
All you’re doing is wasting time and money, and possibly risking an adverse reaction to a funky ingredient in a product!
Instead do what works, safely and naturally, to help your body create energy from within.


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