Where does beautiful skin and hair begin?

If you go into any grocery store or drug store, aside from the mile-long
aisles devoted to antacids and laxatives, the next biggest shelf hogs are skin and hair preparations…

Lotions. Creams. Shampoos. Conditioners. Exfoliants. Cleansers. Toners. You-name-it.

While these products can certainly help improve the appearance of your skin and hair, the real secret to glowing, soft skin and shiny, silky hair comes from what’s inside your body, not what you put on the outside.

Let’s take a look at these two related concerns, assess whether you may have something wrong with yours, and most importantly, look at how to keep them both healthy (and you looking great!)…. continue reading here: http://www.greattastenopain.com/nl/13/07_09/071013.asp

Have a wonderful & healthful day everyone!


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